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Society’s love affair with all things tech, has created an expectation for advanced technologies in the delivery of goods and services across all industries.

Humanity and technology are inseparable. Confiscate the phone of a 17 year old for a day and you will see what I mean. Curiously, this is not a reaction segregated to your average teen millennial. Imagine taking away a Real Estate Agent’s phone, or disconnecting the wi-fi in a stockbroker’s office – calamity would ensue. Technology has grown to be such an integral part of day-to-day life that it has evolved beyond something of novelty. It has become an expectation. To survive the next generation of business, combatants will be required to ride the wave of expectation and deliver goods and services in a way that corresponds with the technological demands of the upcoming generation, and those beyond.

Although daunting, this is not something that needs to be feared. New and disruptive technologies offer a realm of unexplored opportunity that hold the promise of increased efficiency, profitability and convenience. Whether it is the power of blockchain in the segmentation of your target market, or a mobile solution to streamline your business into the hands of millions of consumers – the technology is there and the upside is clear, it is just a matter of doing it.

The market is ready and hungry for disruptive technology.

Most businesses however, find that they themselves are not. The catchcries of ‘we’ll see what happens’, ‘we’ll take it as it comes’ and other similar sentiments indiscriminately pervade the commercial landscape. The inconvenient truth is that you can no longer wait and see. The technological world is moving quickly and your industry is changing beneath your feet – ride the wave!

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs